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Another Beautiful Communion Princess

First Holy Communion

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Two cuties!

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Little Prince Dressed in White

Here is another very handsome young man! :-) WEB304bWEB102a8x10 WEB109b WEB135c WEB169b WEB181b8x10 WEB223b WEB232a8x10 WEB249b WEB306b


Miss “A” and her bestie

First Holy Communion

Why not pair up your Communion Session with your bestie?  These two did and we all had a blast!  Here is the beautiful Miss “A” and stunning Miss “C.”

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Simple and Elegant

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Sharing some Puppy Love

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Communion Princess

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Look Who’s TWO

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Pretty in Pink

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Big Brother and Lil’ Sis





My Little Helper came along!!WEB504b

Communion – Handsome Mr. “N”

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