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Quinces / Sweet Sixteens

Lots of these sessions coming up.   Can’t wait!!

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Baptism / Communion

Here is a beautiful Baptism portrait session…    Can’t wait for the next few months… I have quite a few communion sessions lined up!

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All the Way From California

I Love it when people come from other states and take their portraits in Miami!!!   Here is another wonderful family.  <3

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Baby Turns “ONE”

How nice it was to see this family again.  Happy Birthday Baby J.   

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Beautiful Mommy

What a pleasure it was to meet this mommy of 2 and expecting “two.”   I’m so happy we were able to do the shoot just FOUR days before these Christmas babies were born.  CONGRATS to this beautiful family!!!   #twinsWEB267c WEB269a10x20 WEB321b WEB340b8x10 WEB342a12x12 WEB394c WEB401c WEB403b10x20 WEBStoryboard102&106


Beautiful Family <3

Three cuties!

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Happy New Year 2014

I had a GREAT 2013… and it looks like 2014 will be even better.  I can’t wait.   I met so many new families, and I was able to connect with the beautiful babies I’ve been photographing even since they were in mommy’s tummy.   Here are a few sessions that I was not able to post at the end of my very busy year….   Enjoy!!!

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Pretty in Pink and BiG Brother <3

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The “S” Family

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