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Out of Towners!! All the way from D.R.

Around this type of year, I always get to see new and old clients that come to Miami, Florida to visit….  They come from Dominican Republic, Beverly Hills, Wisconsin, New Jersey, North Carolina just to name a few.   Lucky me, I get to meet all these nice families and they take home some beautiful images from Sunny Miami.  :)

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Boys Boys Boys- Cool Rock and Roll

Brothers and Best FriendsWEB102a8x10 WEB118b WEB132e8x10 WEB142c WEB235c WEB252b WEB293b

Beach Fun

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It’s almost the end of 2014! #2015 Bring it on

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The “S” Family

It was awesome to see this family again this year.  Here they are.. all the way from California :)

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More from the Mini Sessions

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Love x3 – triplets

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The “S” Family

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Ready for the Holidays

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