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Where have I been?

Where have I been????   INSTAGRAM:   Follow  @photographybybrito   for updates!   I will try my best to get back on my blog!   Lots of love  OXOXOXOX,   Maria Brito

Summer is HERE… Check out my Summer Specials!!!

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Little Miss Princess Turning ONE

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Princess “L”

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South Miami Cottage

I loved working together with this family!!!    <3

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Quinces / Sweet Sixteens

Lots of these sessions coming up.   Can’t wait!!

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Baptism / Communion

Here is a beautiful Baptism portrait session…    Can’t wait for the next few months… I have quite a few communion sessions lined up!

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All the Way From California

I Love it when people come from other states and take their portraits in Miami!!!   Here is another wonderful family.  <3

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